Coral Management & Science

coral polyps

Corals are a precious and threatened resource. The threat to coral reefs (of any species of coral) is threatened by human-induced and environmental factors. Pollution, climate change, irresponsible fishing practices are all threats to coral reefs. Ultimately, these factors also threaten the precious coral trade. The precious coral resource must be managed accordingly if future generations are to continue to benefit from these treasures of nature.

Active engagement with the precious coral trade is vital if the coral resource is to be managed well. This must take place in close collaboration with coral scientists and NGOs.

We are currently assisting the World Jewellery Confederation (CIBJO) in putting together coral nomenclature on natural (precious/gem) coral, treated coral and coral imitations. We want to reach out  to members of the trade, scientists and NGO groups about raising awareness of sustainability issues in the industry. We want to assist in monitoring of the coral trade (e.g. sharing production statistics)  and support scientific research on corals.